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The night is young.

It’s 11 in the evening and I wouldn’t consider it a late night, save for one thing: I’m still at school and me and my fellow co-staffers have no plan of sleeping yet. This won’t be the first time I stay up with them. I’ve stayed up until 5 with them playing random card games. I’ve watched movies with them at my house until 1. To make a long story short, we’ve spent sleepless nights together. We’ve spent sleepless nights sleeping next to each other. (But that wouldn’t make them ‘sleepless’ then, wouldn’t it? Hm.)

The smell of AJ’s cup noodles is filling the office space. I’m starting to feel a bit drowsy. Ay and Jo have already fallen asleep, and I think Ren is halfway on her way to dreamland. Pearl, Raff and AJ have started entertaining us by having their ‘radio-dramas’, with an occasional sentence coming from Kai and Lloyd. Keyboard keys are clicking every once in a while, and that’s from either me or Gail.

In other words, it’s just a normal night, not a lot’s happening, and I really love spending time with them.

The graduating students have started airing sentiments about how this will be their last overnight vigil, and I, being a bit more sensitive and scared of the future, have also started thinking about the future.

I am growing up and entering the real world sooner than I thought.

It’s funny how, when I was little, always thought that being a grown up would be cool. It’s become cliche how everyone realizes that fact when they’re about to grow up. But in my opinion, the only thing I’ve really realized is that it really is true.

Being a grown up might be fun. Maybe I’ll be able to buy my own things from my own salary. I’ll be able to come home whenever I want to, and I’ll be able to drive a car. Maybe I’ll start having a love life. I don’t know. But it’ll be different from my laid back life.

It’s rare that I dive into my deep thoughts at this time of night, but tonight is an exception. *sighs* and continues listening to the computer keys clicking.

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