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You jump, I jump, remember?


Titanic. It is just… //sighs

It is the most beautifully written and played-out film IN THE WORLD, in my opinion anyway. I’ve seen it so many times, but it never fails to get me teary-eyed. Sometimes, it even makes me go into fits of uncontrollable, ugly sobbing. And ‘My Heart Will Go On’ always gets me. It always does. If there was a perfect soundtrack for a movie, it’s that. 

Besides the touching scenes and the undeniable good looks of Leonardo DiCaprio and the way Kate Winslet makes you want to go lesbian for a while, it also opens your eyes to what really happened that fateful night, and how human errors can easily turn into more-than-big accidents. Even though some say it was insensitive how James Cameron directed a movie of a tragedy and made millions out of it, I don’t think it was done for that purpose. Titanic educated, and made people realize their mistake (especially boat related ones). It made people realize how love really does last. It even taught some people how to survive should you fall off a boat. (The life jacket IS useful, just keep moving, and don’t panic)

Titanic is certainly more than a love story (although most of the time, it does seem like that). I’ll never get tired of watching it. It’s a timeless classic that’ll keep making me cry until I’m old with gray hair and with grandchildren.


Why am I never enough?

Why is there always someone else

Who’s prettier


Everything you’ve always dreamed of

Why am I almost always never enough?

And when I am enough

Why does it never last?

Why does something always stand in my way?

What can he not see in me?

But what if the better question is…

What can I not see in myself?

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