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When reality slaps you in the face

I have just been slapped in the face. 

It was like a cold bucket of water. Funny how we become so blind in love that we tend not to see anything else in front of us. Funny how stupid we act when we’re in love. 

Funny that I can’t stop loving him, not now and not yet.

But I know that reality is cruel, and I have just been slapped in the face by it. 

You were never the right person to fall in love with.

I don’t know why I’m thinking about this now, and I’ll probably regret posting this a few weeks from now, but for now, this serves as a sort of warning to me. 

He is making you feel things that you shouldn’t be feeling. And it’s not those ridiculous bubbly happy feelings, either. It’s bad feelings.



Like I’m not worth it; literally.

He makes me feel bad about myself, and I know I shouldn’t. Why should I be giving him my time when he can’t be bothered with anything else, apparently?

I hate this.

I don’t hate him. 

I still love him.

But I still hate this. 

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