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If there were a cosplayer I’d choose

To be forever Miku

Even though you look great with everything

I’d know that I’d choose you


Your costumes are so accurate

I loved you Hawkgirl one the most

And yes, this IBRS one

The one I couldn’t help but repost


But my praise is not only for your cosplays

It’s for the friendship that we share, too

We became unlikely friends

Yet I consider our friendship true


So I just hope you stay awesome! 

I hope we’ll see each other soon

OF VII, maybe?

I just can’t wait to see you! 😀


Part of a challenge that I make a poem for people who commented ‘Llamas’ on my post. Here’s my work of art. 





Hair as long as –

Wait, not anymore

The fandom fourth of my daughters;

Yes, one of four


May it be Uryuu or Tom

Or David or Benny

The fandom crushes?

Oh my, they’re too many. 


When we have our mad fandom moments

When we’re really incomprehensible

I’m glad someone understands me

When I go ‘asdfghjkl’. 


So basically, thank you

For just being you

For being the best

For loving me, too ❤ 


I’ll always be here, yes I will – 

Don’t think otherwise

When you need someone to fangirl with

Call me up; I won’t think twice 😉 


Part of a challenge that I make a poem for people who commented ‘Llamas’ on my post. Here’s my work of art. 

Thing 1 and Thing 2. Well, actually boy 1 and boy 2.

Two boys, so alike, yet so different.

Two boys, same effect on her heart

Beautiful eyes, beautiful smile, beautiful creature

Arrogant attitude, self-centered attitude, she loves that attitude

Two names, still the same, not quite the same. 

Thing 1: Conceal, don’t feel, get it out of your heart

Thing 1: Crush the feeling, before it starts

Thing 2: Hide it even though he knows

Thing 2: Smile even your pain still shows

The innocent girl is so confused

The little girl doesn’t know what to do

Give up, don’t look back, run away

Move on, be strong, that’s what they say

For both she feels that certain tug in her heart

For both she knows with them, she never could part

One to choose

One to stay

One to never go away

One to love

One to need

One to want, one to bleed

One to fly

One to leave

One to never ever need

One to forget

One to say

I’m sorry, please, just go away

Thing 1 Thing 2

I just don’t know

What in the world to do with you

Thing 1 Thing 2

My heart you will smother

You’ve just made me wonder why I even bother

Thing 1 Thing 2

I’m sorry for calling you things

But what else can I do when

You’re the cause of these feelings

Leave me

Need me

Go away

Stay here

Hold me

Let go




Author’s note: Clang Association is a disorder where a patient likes the flows of certain words (e.g rhyming). I just realized how much it seems that I suffer from Clang Association. Do I? Hm. You be the judge. I just loved the words flowing out of my fingers, all messy like and such. The mess is beautiful, and I think I like it quite a lot. 

No regrets, dears. 

I Know You

In a crowd of a million people, I’d know the back of your head. I’d be able to see you, pick you out; just give me a telescope and I’d find you. I know you.

Blindfold me, and let me touch a thousand hands. I’d pick out yours. I know your hand.

Have everyone I know write an anonymous message to me. I know what you’d say. If it were handwritten, I’d say know your handwriting.

Let me cover my eyes, and have people talk to me. I’d know who you are. I know your voice. I know your laugh.

I know your experiences, your secrets, your dreams. I know how to make you happy. I know what to say to make you smile; I know what not to say to piss you off. I know when to leave you alone, and I know when you need a hug.

So why do I have to be punished for knowing you?

You hurt

I don’t want you to hurt

Make you feel down

I don’t want to watch from the sidelines;

Stand away from the crowd

Shut you out

You can’t make me do that 

Others would, but I wouldn’t

Unlike them, I genuinely care about you

And I need you to see that.

Just open your eyes. 


It’s been a while since I’ve written a poem. I feel better now. 


How on earth did you manage to find me

You beautiful, beautiful person

How did I manage to reach you

How did I manage to get you in my life?

Why am I so lucky

To have known you,

Become friends with you,

Fallen in love with you.

You’re my every kind of perfect

Like a star fallen from the sky



And yet,

Among anyone else I could have met in my life,

I found you when you fell down from heaven.

It’s a miracle that we met

A greater miracle that we became friends.

I watch you with so much admiration

I know my eyes glow with adoration

You and I know each other both so well

It’s just a shame that you have to be

Somebody else’s angel.


Why am I never enough?

Why is there always someone else

Who’s prettier


Everything you’ve always dreamed of

Why am I almost always never enough?

And when I am enough

Why does it never last?

Why does something always stand in my way?

What can he not see in me?

But what if the better question is…

What can I not see in myself?

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