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I’m Sorry (Dated September 22, 2010)

I’m sorry

I’m not your dream girl

I’m sorry

I’m not pretty

I’m sorry

That I feel this way

I’m sorry

I’m different

I’m sorry

Because I liked you

I’m sorry

I couldn’t like someone else

I’m sorry

You never noticed

I’m sorry

You could never see

And most of all, I’m sorry

That that girl couldn’t be me.

Denial (Dated August 31, 2010)

It doesn’t matter what you say

Doesn’t matter what they do

I’ll go to the grave before I admit

That I’m terribly in love with you

My friends can tickle me to death

But my mouth will never say

What my head and heart both feel

And that I think of you everyday.

I know that you’re in love with her

I’ll just pretend that I don’t care

I will never admit the truth

That the hurt is just too much to bear.

Now the feeling is just too great

It’s slowly starting to grow.

But if I admit that I love you

It will only hurt me, I know.

So I guess I’ll just keep it in my heart

And the denial is just an ugly sound

I know I love him, I admit it.

But I’ll never say it out loud.

What If? (Dated July 28, 2010)

I’m so happy whenever you talk to me

Smile at me

Text me

Even if you just look at me

Because even if

It was just a second

Just a moment

You thought of me

The fact gets me hyped

For the rest of the day

Even if I know there’s a possibility that 

You were looking at someone behind me

The text was just a gm

Your smile was simply plastic

And even though it hurts

I have to be optimistic


What if I was wrong?

Me (Dated July 13, 2010)

Who sees you when you think

That you’re not there

Who hopes that you see her

The way she sees you?

Who waits for your text message

No matter how late

Whose pulse races faster

Whenever you smile?

Who watches on the sidelines

While you talk with that barbie?

Who’s filled with compassion

As she watches you break you

Who writes all her poems

While thinking about you?

Who listens to love songs

And thinks that she can relate?

Her heart, it’s breaking

But you can’t see that

How can you be so blind

Not to figure out who she is?

Happy? (Dated June 18, 2010)

If a heart can truly hurt so bad

Then it should only be fair

That it could also feel

That much happiness.

Am I right?

It’s common sense, if it 

Can feel so much pain

The happiness it feels should also be


I shouldn’t have felt that pain.

And I should be happy.

Just as happy.

For now, all I want to know

Is where all my happiness went?

Is my heart really that stupid

That I forget how to be


Healed (Dated June 17, 2010)

I’ve had a hurtful past

Missed opportunities

Heartbreaks and aches

Memories I don’t want to remember.

I’ve been fooled

Misled and forgotten.

Then, I met you.

My broken heart beat

My breath started to shake

I got all jittery

I forgot how to speak.

I smiled whenever you’d pass by.

And… in one moment,

I healed.

Prove (Dated June 17, 2010)

I want to prove to you

So many things.

I’m not that stupid, I know how to do things.

I’m not just that normal girl next door.

I want to show you that I can do

So much more.

You’ve always been lucky,

Maybe even gifted.

I know it already. 

Not a lot of people could reach up to you

Not even if they’d stand on tiptoe.

I’ll always be inferior to you – 

But this year, I promise, I’m going to prove to you

That I can be so much more.

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