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I’m happy

Thanks for making me happy today.

Just when I thought that you stopped doing those ‘sweet little things’, you showed up and started doing them again.

Earlier, you didn’t know this, but I just wanted to hug you; maybe even give you a peck on the cheek. Yes, I was that happy. Yes, I was that crazy and reckless. It was for a wild second, but I knew I’d do it. If I hadn’t come to my senses I would have.

Today marks the one year crush I’ve had on you. Well, I don’t know exactly¬†when I started crushing on you, but all I remember was that it was September. I know that my last post was about not getting over my first love, but who knows. Maybe this one guy is going to make me feel better again.

I don’t care what happens next with us. All I know is that I wouldn’t change you for the world.¬†

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