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A message to my dear friend



From this handsome specimen of a man, you have become even more beautiful. Wait, what? Now that I have your attention, I would just like you to hear read this special message from me to you. 

You have been my #1 go-to when I need help academically; #1 go-to when I need help in the area; #1 guy to look for when I need advice about leadership and research; and #1 guy to tease about she who I must not name in this blog post. Now, you are a graduate of our school, and quite frankly, I don’t know how I’m going to know the answers to anything.



I’m going to keep this short; I was never one for teary-eyed boo-hoo messages, but since I consider you one of my closest, dearest friends, I can’t help but make this post. I just wanted to say 2 things: (1) is THANK YOU. 

Thank you so much for making me laugh, for trusting me with your matters of the heart, for giving me advice, and for being a great friend in general. I honestly didn’t expect that we would become as close as we are now. And yes, I didn’t expect either that I would become your number 1 fan. Thank you so much for everything. I’m going to miss you~ I know you’ll do great things in the oh, wait, let’s get back to that later. 

I just can’t help but be awed at the fact that besides being the NSC president, you are also a cum laude. (More on that later) So I guess, on behalf of the other students? 🙂 Thank you for dividing your time wisely, and doing what you know is best for us. 




I know you still kind of thing negatively of those point-whatever points you needed. But I am a firm believer of the saying ‘everything happens for a reason’. Cheesy, I know, but yes. YOU will move on to greater things. YOU will be great. YOU will be a superstar. YOU will star as the first biologically male Eponine in Les Miserables. YOU are a SUPER cum laude. 🙂 

Now that I’ve boosted your self esteem, it’s time for you to celebrate! Get a job. Review for the boards. ACE AND TOP THE BOARDS. Take your masters; maybe even a doctorate degree. Maybe just skip those two and take up medicine. Whatever you do, just know this. You are BRILLIANT. You are confident and sassy. And you will do your best in whatever you do.  So Thanks and Congratulations, bby vivi. (ew) 



Kudos, and Adelante! 😀 Have fun in the real world. 

(Oh, and your pictures are BEEEEAUTIFUL)


Scars and Bruises

I have many bruises. In fact, it came to a point once where I thought I had leukemia because all these bruises popped up on my legs like during one whole week. I bruise easily. (When AJ bit me, when I hit my elbow against the desk earlier, when I slammed my knee into the wall, when I fell down into the muddy ground during our acquaintance party… and yes, it’s still there) 

I also have scars. The most notable scar I have, though, was earned during the summer before fourth year high school. It’s a dog bite, and is just one purplish brown, scarred, hole behind my left knee. I’m proud of this scar. It makes me feel sort of like Harry Potter. Harry has this lightning shaped scar on his forehead, right, and it well, kind of helped in shaping his destiny. (Goes into a deep, geeky description of how Voldemort, choosing to use the Killing Curse against Harry, gives him the scar which basically just defines the rest of Harry’s life) 

My scar is what made me realize that I could be a nurse. 

That I should be a nurse.

When Bolt (the rugged, fluffy brown Chow-chow that belong(ed) to my auntie) bit me that summer, I remained strangely calm. I knew what to do. Pressure. Don’t panic. Don’t pull your leg away. Clean the damn wound. And I didn’t even cry. 

I usually cry. Like, literally burst into a waterfall, a waterfall that’s as loud as an ambulance. But that time? No. Not at all. 

You could say it was my defining moment.

Now, about my bruises. I think they symbolize the fact that I get hurt a lot of times. And it really does take me a while to get over things. (Like this bruise I have had since August 5, that isn’t exactly going away) 

On the other hand, they might just be a sign that I’m clumsier than a moose wearing high heels. 

Life, Certainly Unexpected

There are some times when I am just mesmerized by life; the times when I feel like everything is perfect, and just the way it should be. Today was one of those times.

Earlier, at 9:30 AM,  I was able to help bring a beautiful, healthy, 2.5 kilogram baby boy into the world. 

Words can’t explain how grateful I am to be a student nurse. Bringing lives into the world is one of my favorite experiences. Even though I’ve only aided in three deliveries, (Two normal ones and a Caesarean) I feel like these three have helped me realize how beautiful life is. 

And all three times, I’ve found myself getting a bit teary-eyed when I hear the little ‘waah! waah!’ that comes a few seconds after the baby comes out of the mother’s womb. It’s just amazing to me how life can come so quickly into the world but can be affected by so many things. 

Life. Four letters. Similar to love. These sentiments that enter into my mind when I’m caring for patients, handing instruments to doctors, or assisting in deliveries, makes me sensitive to the fact that sometimes we take a lot of things for granted. 

Life. It’s beautiful. Sometimes, we need to remember that. 

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