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On My Phobia

You can be scared of a lot of things.

You could be scared of failing. You could be scared of the unknown. Ghosts. Being alone. Falling in love. Death. Losing something. Losing someone. Forgetting. Hurt. You could be scared of that neighbor next door who looks like a combination of all the scary old people you see in horror films. Rejection. Your friends. Your enemies. Blood. The future. You.

You could be scared of anything in the world, and no matter what you say, all phobias are the same in the sense that they hinder you from your dreams. Even I have a phobia (or phobias…) which will hinder me from a brighter future. Leaving the ones I love behind. Becoming alone again. Going back to the past me, the past introverted me. What’s scary for me is that I have grown to love the me that I am now, I have grown to love the friends I have now, and what I have now, I cannot lose. 

I can never lose them.


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