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Thing 1 and Thing 2. Well, actually boy 1 and boy 2.

Two boys, so alike, yet so different.

Two boys, same effect on her heart

Beautiful eyes, beautiful smile, beautiful creature

Arrogant attitude, self-centered attitude, she loves that attitude

Two names, still the same, not quite the same. 

Thing 1: Conceal, don’t feel, get it out of your heart

Thing 1: Crush the feeling, before it starts

Thing 2: Hide it even though he knows

Thing 2: Smile even your pain still shows

The innocent girl is so confused

The little girl doesn’t know what to do

Give up, don’t look back, run away

Move on, be strong, that’s what they say

For both she feels that certain tug in her heart

For both she knows with them, she never could part

One to choose

One to stay

One to never go away

One to love

One to need

One to want, one to bleed

One to fly

One to leave

One to never ever need

One to forget

One to say

I’m sorry, please, just go away

Thing 1 Thing 2

I just don’t know

What in the world to do with you

Thing 1 Thing 2

My heart you will smother

You’ve just made me wonder why I even bother

Thing 1 Thing 2

I’m sorry for calling you things

But what else can I do when

You’re the cause of these feelings

Leave me

Need me

Go away

Stay here

Hold me

Let go




Author’s note: Clang Association is a disorder where a patient likes the flows of certain words (e.g rhyming). I just realized how much it seems that I suffer from Clang Association. Do I? Hm. You be the judge. I just loved the words flowing out of my fingers, all messy like and such. The mess is beautiful, and I think I like it quite a lot. 

No regrets, dears. 


How on earth did you manage to find me

You beautiful, beautiful person

How did I manage to reach you

How did I manage to get you in my life?

Why am I so lucky

To have known you,

Become friends with you,

Fallen in love with you.

You’re my every kind of perfect

Like a star fallen from the sky



And yet,

Among anyone else I could have met in my life,

I found you when you fell down from heaven.

It’s a miracle that we met

A greater miracle that we became friends.

I watch you with so much admiration

I know my eyes glow with adoration

You and I know each other both so well

It’s just a shame that you have to be

Somebody else’s angel.

Facade (Dated: February 3, 2011)

I could like and say I was over him already

Say that she’s butt ugly and isn’t worth one look

That I don’t care that they’re so in love

And he’s stuck on her like a fish on a hook.

I could smile, and watch them be together

I could fill your head with lies

Say that I’m happy when someone notices

The tears that are welling up in my eyes

I could deny that my heart is cracking

I could pretend I never saw

The way he looks at her like she’s perfection

How he overlooks her every flaw

I could keep quiet when I hear

That they are the best couple ever

I could laugh when they get teased

And shrug it off with a quick ‘whatever’

But no matter what happens, I can’t deny it hurts

Even if I’m feeling oh, so crappy

There’s really nothing I can do

Because in all reality, HE’S HAPPY. 😦

Lament (Dated September 1, 2010)

I’ve asked it before, I’ll ask it again

What does she have that I don’t?

I know I’m not perfect.

But is SHE perfect? Is she?

She may be perfect in your eyes

And I know that I can never make you love me…

It hurts.

I hate just watching your heart break

Whenever you see her with another guy.

Have you ever thought that

Maybe what you feel is what I feel?

And I don’t know I don’t have the right

To tell you not to keep looking at her

I can only stand on the side




While you suffer.

Denial (Dated August 31, 2010)

It doesn’t matter what you say

Doesn’t matter what they do

I’ll go to the grave before I admit

That I’m terribly in love with you

My friends can tickle me to death

But my mouth will never say

What my head and heart both feel

And that I think of you everyday.

I know that you’re in love with her

I’ll just pretend that I don’t care

I will never admit the truth

That the hurt is just too much to bear.

Now the feeling is just too great

It’s slowly starting to grow.

But if I admit that I love you

It will only hurt me, I know.

So I guess I’ll just keep it in my heart

And the denial is just an ugly sound

I know I love him, I admit it.

But I’ll never say it out loud.

Untitled (Dated August 12, 2010)

If we could be a perfect fairytale

All my dreams would come true

There would be a happy ending

And I would always be with you.

Every memory would last

We’d be so happy together

And when other people would look at us,

They’d be sure that we would last forever.

But I know fairytales are stories,

They are fiction, they’re not true

You may never find a person

Who loves you for being you

As I watch you from afar

I know that we can never be

So I guess I’ll just be satisfied

With seeing you in my dreams.

What If? (Dated July 28, 2010)

I’m so happy whenever you talk to me

Smile at me

Text me

Even if you just look at me

Because even if

It was just a second

Just a moment

You thought of me

The fact gets me hyped

For the rest of the day

Even if I know there’s a possibility that 

You were looking at someone behind me

The text was just a gm

Your smile was simply plastic

And even though it hurts

I have to be optimistic


What if I was wrong?

Me (Dated July 13, 2010)

Who sees you when you think

That you’re not there

Who hopes that you see her

The way she sees you?

Who waits for your text message

No matter how late

Whose pulse races faster

Whenever you smile?

Who watches on the sidelines

While you talk with that barbie?

Who’s filled with compassion

As she watches you break you

Who writes all her poems

While thinking about you?

Who listens to love songs

And thinks that she can relate?

Her heart, it’s breaking

But you can’t see that

How can you be so blind

Not to figure out who she is?

Will You?

Will you miss me when I’m gone

Will you think of me at all

Will you remember every detail of me

No matter how small?


Will you wonder what I’m doing

When I’m very far away

Will you treasure every memory

Remember what we used to say?


Will you laugh if you remember

All the things we used to do

Would you wish to be with me again

And rekindle the friendship that is true?


I wonder if you’ll miss me

Because I’ll miss you, too

And when I fly so far away

Just know that I’ll be thinking of you.

Standards (Dated July 1, 2010)

You’re looking for the girl

Who’s smart, pretty and so much more

I’m sorry if I don’t even come close

To what you’re looking for.

But have you ever thought of this;

Does it ever cross your mind?

There are people who aren’t even close

To acquiring your standards

But who love you all the same

Despite your choosy upbringing.

If you lower those walls

And the barriers between

All the other people who aren’t ‘your type’

You just might see

That the ones that truly love you

Are those who aren’t even up to your standards.

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