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Standards (Dated July 1, 2010)

You’re looking for the girl

Who’s smart, pretty and so much more

I’m sorry if I don’t even come close

To what you’re looking for.

But have you ever thought of this;

Does it ever cross your mind?

There are people who aren’t even close

To acquiring your standards

But who love you all the same

Despite your choosy upbringing.

If you lower those walls

And the barriers between

All the other people who aren’t ‘your type’

You just might see

That the ones that truly love you

Are those who aren’t even up to your standards.


Unrequited (Dated June 21, 2010)

I hear you when you say

You think that no one likes you

It takes all my power not to scream


But I know I shouldn’t, and I know I can’t. 

Because in all honesty,

I’m scared.

I like the way we are now, 

I don’t want us ever to edge away from each other

But it’s tempting

Just so tempting to experiement

If we could be more.

And even though the want is great

A part of me is afraid

Of unrequited love.

Because (June 18 2010)

For me, it’s entirely useless

To give your all

To someone who might not ever be

“The One”

Why would you suffer

Because of someone who 

Might never be yours?

Why would you be with someone

Who does treat you the way

You want to be treated?

It’s because you were blinded by love

Stuck in disillusionment

Because you loved him.

Healed (Dated June 17, 2010)

I’ve had a hurtful past

Missed opportunities

Heartbreaks and aches

Memories I don’t want to remember.

I’ve been fooled

Misled and forgotten.

Then, I met you.

My broken heart beat

My breath started to shake

I got all jittery

I forgot how to speak.

I smiled whenever you’d pass by.

And… in one moment,

I healed.

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