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The Daughter of a Deity

Thanks to Pearl, I have been addicted to the book series by Rick Riordan, The Heroes of Olympus (The Lost Hero, Son of Neptune, Mark of Athena, and the upcoming House of Hades). It is the sequel series to Percy Jackson

Mythical deities and creatures, like Greek gods and goddesses, and the ancient stories like the Odyssey, have always fascinated me. Even though I haven’t really been as into it as much as Harry Potter, it’s still on the Top 10 list of “My Favorite Things”. (Ooh. Blog idea. But let’s not talk about that now.) 

After practically diving into the Percy Jackson series about a year ago, I decided to wade in with caution through the Heroes of Olympus. I’ve been a bit paranoid about series sequels ever since a couple years ago when I read the first book of a certain sequel series that made me think that well, maybe not only movie sequels are horrid. 

Anyways, I’m halfway through The Son of Neptune and there are all these demigods getting claimed and I thought; who would my godly parent be? 

Well, I’m very certain it wouldn’t be Athena. Wisdom, I am not, so let’s think some more. Aphrodite? (mentally frowns) No. Hera, who was kind of a b*tch throughout the whole series AND YET is the goddess of family? I don’t think so. Poseidon? I like swimming, but… I don’t think so, either. Zeus, who is completely bad-ass and hard headed, and is still… well, I don’t know, a power hog? I don’t think so. Hmmm. Ares, and their cabin is full of hyped-up war freaks? Sounds fun. Really. But hmmmm. 

I don’t actually know who my godly parent would be. And in some cases, even if you don’t think you’ll fit in, you actually will. Like how Piper is a daughter of Aphrodite and  Frank is a son of Mars a.k.a Ares. Who knows, maybe I’m really a daughter of Zeus. Or a daughter of Dionysus, even though I don’t drink. 

But if you asked me? Personally, I think that Kaitlin, Daughter of Hades, sounds very appealing. Maybe even ‘Daughter of Hermes’. Ooh. 

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