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Seven Dwarves

Not a lot of people know this, but I was dubbed ‘Snow White’ sometime back either in my 2nd or 3rd grade.

The only physical attribute that Walt Disney’s Snow White and I have in common is the black hair. My lips are not blood red, and my skin is not as white as snow. So why, you ask?

It’s simple. I ate an apple once upon a time, and fainted.

I don’t know why that happened to me, but the thing that stuck to me back then was, wow… I became a Disney princess.

About 12 years have passed since that day (I’m OLD oh, no…) and I’ve already watched the different remakes of the Snow White movies (Mirror, Mirror, Snow White and the Huntsman), and I just realized how unappreciated the dwarves were. Are. In conclusion, I came to the decision that, well, maybe if I was Snow White for a day, I should at least give due credit to the seven dwarves in my life.

The Seven Dwarves changed Snow White’s life; they saved her, gave her a home, and made her feel loved. Frankly, if they weren’t even in the story, she probably would’ve died on the spot. In another sense, these dwarves also gave her her happy ending. Now girls in my life, you’re going to have to wait until I make a blog post about the ’12 dancing princesses’ or something, because for now, it’s the guys’ turn. Yes, the seven dwarves of my life.

I don’t mean that they’re literally, you know, small and stuff. No, most of my ‘dwarves’ are tall males which have added and made me feel wanted in the world, and who aren’t necessarily loved in the aspect that Snow White loved the prince (or the huntsman.). But rest assured, they are loved, and they are loved dearly. There is one who I think could have been here, but something happened that made me lose respect. One day, you’ll be forgiven. Sorry, but not now.

One dwarf has been in my life since 6th grade, and three of them haven’t even been my friends for a year. But nonetheless, I still salute you for making a big impact on my life.

Boys, if you’re reading this, and you’ve made the list, I congratulate you. You taught me a lot of important life lessons. You made me who I am today.

(In order of appearance in my life :P)



Ah, Justin. The guy who I was convinced was hyperactive or something back in grade school. He was my first guy-friend here in the Philippines (true friend… *coughs*) and he taught me how to be a guy and have fun. It was lucky that I met this guy, because I had someone to talk with about Pokemon and cartoons. He was also fun to be with; lunch was always, always incomplete without a game of Chainsaw Massacre, dodgeball, or hide and seek.  I learned from Justin that girls don’t really have to be girly all the time.



If there was ever a guy who made me like him so much and yet made me want to kill or strangle him, it was Mathieu. It is still Mathieu. You were my seatmate, frontmate, backmate, diagonal-mate and forced buddy, since I think that Sir Ian thought that we could be friends even though you were the first one to make fun of my eyebrows (and I cut your hair in retaliation). You even reported me to the freaking principal. Anyways,  it’s funny, because I think that he is one of my greatest frenemy, and we still find a lot to talk about. I learned from Mathieu that sometimes, blessings really do come from weird places. And sometimes, punishments are worth it.



He has been my friend for three years now. He, along with another friend (Dre) whom I don’t have a picture of, are two of the closest guy friends I have. Long jeepney rides home with him and the rest of DNA Millennium were always full of laughs, and if I had any problems at the moment, I knew that I could talk to him. Thanks to him, I learned to speak up for myself. I learned how to accept the fact that I couldn’t draw. And yes, I learned how to face my fears. He’s an awesome friend, and I wouldn’t know what to do without him.



My guy version. He swears as much as I do, is a bookworm, spends time on the computer, and writes a little. He’s currently my classmate in college. Early memories with him are talking about anime, games, and the like. (Looking back, I realize this is how I met most of my guy friends. Anime. Games. Pokemon. ‘The Like’) He keeps secrets like nobody else, and gives advice like it’s candy; candy that is actually worth something. I learned a lot from him, especially when it came to love. Nichole taught me that sometimes, it’s best to move on. That maybe sometimes, holding on isn’t the best thing.



I salute him. I really do. It’s not really easy to juggle being an org president, dancer, and research leader all at the same time. Trying to combine those three is practically a nightmare; although admittedly, I do the same. This is probably the reason why the two of us connect so much. He taught me a lot about being a leader; it’s more than just sacrifice. It’s a lot more sacrifice on your part. As a leader, you have to learn to take the responsibility for things that don’t always go your way. Even when it isn’t your fault, it is. Accept it.



College life wouldn’t be the same without FORWARD, of course, and Lloyd was the first probie (now staff) that I befriended. We didn’t have much to talk about at first, but everything changed when the fire nation attac- when I started listening to his playlist. Rock. Screams. Metal. I relished in it. As he passed me the songs via bluetooth and as our friendship (like the next two dwarves) grew, I learned a lot of things from him. Music really can unite people. Sometimes, friendships are forged in the most unlikely of ways, and sometimes, they leave a very long-lasting mark.



Dadots, oh dadots. The second among the three dwarves hailing from FORWARD.  We didn’t click right away, and I really don’t remember why, but what matters is the result. Because of course we’re really close now, or else he wouldn’t be on this list. He taught me how to properly shoot pictures that move, and taught me how to adjust the ISO and shutter speed. (Okay, not really the deep message you’ve all been expecting by now, but don’t worry, it’s coming up) He taught me that I should be attentive, as a nurse, and as a friend. Listening goes a long way. Being there is one of the best things you can do for a person.



Last but not the least, my senior. (Sounds weird. Ew.) My best master friend. Also another co-gamer (although he surpasses me in so many levels and I have YET to beat him MarioKart more than thrice) and another good friend. And yes, he is the giver of many a great lesson. I learned from him that you should always save a game, document, or whatever. I learned that there are really simple solutions to hard problems (turn on the wifi, Kaitlin, hell-ooooo~). I learned that besides laughter, hugs are also a great form of medicine.

Yes, I know that was EIGHT. Eight dwarves. Can you blame me for not being able to pick just seven? Guys, thanks for being a part of my life. Thanks for all the lessons. Hopefully, there’ll be more lessons… and moments to come. 🙂

Next goal: The Twelve Dancing Princesses (because of course there are more girls in my life :D)

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