"Forever's an awfully long time."

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Hair as long as –

Wait, not anymore

The fandom fourth of my daughters;

Yes, one of four


May it be Uryuu or Tom

Or David or Benny

The fandom crushes?

Oh my, they’re too many. 


When we have our mad fandom moments

When we’re really incomprehensible

I’m glad someone understands me

When I go ‘asdfghjkl’. 


So basically, thank you

For just being you

For being the best

For loving me, too ❤ 


I’ll always be here, yes I will – 

Don’t think otherwise

When you need someone to fangirl with

Call me up; I won’t think twice 😉 


Part of a challenge that I make a poem for people who commented ‘Llamas’ on my post. Here’s my work of art. 

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