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Most Influential Blogger Award! Thanks, Dear Kitty!


OMG soooo thanks to http://dearkitty1.wordpress.com/ for nominating me! 😀 Sweet of you, thanks, fellow blogger! ❤ ❤ ❤

The rules of this award are:

Display the award logo on your blog.
Link back to the person who nominated you.
Answer eleven questions.
Nominate (no limit on the number of nominations) other bloggers for this award and link back to them.
Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award requirements.

The eleven questions are:

1. What makes you happiest?

Hanging out with that crazy group of people who make me crazy and happy in return.

2. Do you love the Oceans or Mountains more?

I love mountains. Oceans are calming, too. But if I had to pick between the two, you’d see me in the mountains.

3. What has been a special moment in 2012?

Being accepted as a Staff Writer for FORWARD Publication. ❤ ❤ 

4. What is your favorite quote?

“Always.” Severus Snape, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It speaks deeper than love, and speaks of things that you will do forever. I just love this quote. This one word. 

5. Do you like yourself?

Ab-so-lutely! ❤ ❤ 

6. Do you stay till midnight on New Year?

Yes. I’m soooo hardcore. 

7. Something you wish could be done ASAP?

I wish I could finish editing my articles ASAP. 😛 Uhm, I wish I could be happy ASAP. 

8. What was your favorite class when still at school?

From Grade School to High school, ENGLISH. Now, in college? Uhm. Medical Surgical Nursing? Hahaha jokes 😛 

9. What musical instrument have you tried to play?

Piano, Guitar, Recorder, Banduria (failed horribly in that one, yes. I hated my Banduria with the burning passion of a thousand suns), and drums. 😀 

10. Anything you had wished to have learned earlier?

How to make decisions and how to choose for yourself. :/

11. Do you like to do Crafts, Drawing or Painting?

I draw wonderful-beautiful stick drawings on MS Paint, do they count? Nah, I couldn’t paint, craft, or draw to save my life. Hah. 

My nominees will be decided on… later? Ugh, I’m so sorry. 😛 I can’t decide now. Thanks again, Dear Kitty for nominating me! 🙂 

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