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Sorry, dear, but I just love holding grudges

Yes, even though it wasn’t me that was wronged.

(WARNING: Too much hate. Proceed with caution)

How dare you. How dare you

I know how he says he’s over you, but I can also hear him when you pass by as if nothing happened. I can hear him calling my attention, and I can see the hurt that’s still in his eyes.

I’m neither blind nor deaf. I just pretend to believe him.

I just wrote this sweet little blog post to remind myself that I will forever be labeling you as a bitch, and I will judge you for the rest of your life. I have no plan of socializing with you any time soon.

Before any of you readers tell me that I shouldn’t be this judgmental and evil, I will tell you that I have evidence, and what she did to my friend is just… low.

So to you, if you ever read this. I’m watching you.

Hate. Hate. Hate. 

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