"Forever's an awfully long time."

Hi. *waves awkwardly at you*

I’ve always thought that the hardest thing to write in a blog (or practically, anything else) is the ‘About’ part of it. I don’t know why I find it difficult to describe myself, although there are many words that could describe me. Please excuse these feeble attempts. I’ll try to make this part of my blog as… full of life… as possible.

I won’t tell you my full name, of course. *laughs* I go by Kait, but I’m fondly called Mamots by my co-staffers (with a few exceptions, but they were the ones who coined it, anyhoo), which is a play on the word ‘Mom’. I turned eighteen last December 6, and luckily, I was able to celebrate it with all of my closest friends. I’m a third year student taking up a degree – Bachelor of Science in Nursing. God, when I say ‘degree’ it makes me sound old. I am old.

I’m afraid of growing old, and sometimes I just want to fly away with Peter Pan to one of my favorite fictional places in the world – Neverland. But I think that there’s more to Neverland then meets the eye; I think that beyond Neverland is happiness – pure happiness in the purest of forms. Luckily, I have experienced that, with my favorite people in the world, of course. *throws kisses at Ayrish, Kai, Joanne, Ayin, AJ, Raff, Lloydie, Gail,Pearl, Renra, Jess, Peht, Pat*

I’m afraid of losing these people, I’m afraid of flying too far.

Bahh, I’m getting a bit sappy, let’s move on to other, happier topics, eh?

My favourite colour is purple; all shades, although I favour lavender. Ah, Lavender.

I am a writer, a poet, a reader. I am a Staff Writer of our school’s publications, a writer with twenty-one stories on Fanfiction.com, and a reader and re-reader of tens of thousands of beautiful books. I am also a certified fangirl, and a blogger on Tumblr. Links to my tumblr, twitter, and fanfiction will be posted once I get this blog thing figured out, dearies.

I have always been a hopeless romantic, but I have only had one boyfriend (which Raffy just learned about today, July 20, and made me sound like a complete loser, but well…) and I don’t particularly like that part of my life that turned me into a complete liar. But not to him. To my family. *coughs* Anyway.

I’ve had my heart broken, and I’ve had it put back together again. And then I’ve also had my heart broken again after it was fixed. There have been missed chances, and I have broken a heart as well (that ONE heart, I’m sure of. I’m sorry, S***. But you’re happy now, and that matters. So good luck to you.). I have cried over a boy. I have also dreamt about a boy for nights on end. I have held a boys hand at three in the morning as we confessed to each other like in the movies.

Unlike in the movies, he let me go. Unlike in the movies, it took me two years to get over him. Oh, wait. There’s something wrong in the picture. Yes. Not really two years. It’s seven and counting.

I have loved. I have lost. I am just like you. (Looooool, trying to sound like a celebrity *makes a face*)

My current love life. Hm. To take a line from one of my more recent posts, it’s a bit hard because now it’s “It is wanting to hate him and love him, and feeling frustrated because you can’t do EITHER.” ‘Nuff said. I’m a Disney girl who will forever believe in happy endings.

Now something that isn’t about love.

I’m a girl who’s waiting for her letter to Hogwarts, who’s waiting for her superpowers to finally pop up, and is waiting for a whole bunch of other exciting things to happen to her. But basically, I’m also trying to take it slow.

I love my life, I love what’s going on now. I wouldn’t change it for the world… and I mean it.

I hope it always stays this way.

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  2. Congratulations!

    I have nominated your blog for the Most Influential Blogger Award.

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