"Forever's an awfully long time."

Negative Nora and Positive PJ

Nora: You don’t stand a chance.

PJ: You deserve a second glance.

Nora: That smile was never intended for you.

PJ: No one else makes him smile the way that you do.

Nora: There’s nowhere else to sit; that’s why he’s here.

PJ: I never heard you beg him to come near.

Nora: Listen to him talk; I think that he’s gay.

PJ: Just try, listen closely, to what he has to say.

Nora: Quit pining over him, what does he see in you?

PJ: You’re strong and you’re brave, intelligent, too.

Nora: You aren’t his type; with hair like that? Please.

PJ: A quick brush and a mirror, you’ll have him with ease.

Nora: You don’t even like him. He’s just the rebound.

Nora: I knew it was true; I can’t hear a sound.

Nora: You tried so hard to get over Pierre,

Nora: Now look what’s happened. Look over there.

Nora: He’s not what you’re after, the same goes for him.

Nora: Stop chasing dreams on a ridiculous whim.

PJ: You know what you think. I trust in you.

PJ: You don’t have to give her an excuse, I know you do.

PJ: You deserve to be happy, and if you find it with him?

PJ: The stars in your eyes, they aren’t going to dim.

PJ: Stay true to your heart, move over your hurt.

PJ: Don’t listen to Nora, those are just bitter words.

PJ: Dear, you are more. So much more than you think.

PJ: You deserve anyone, and deserve him in a blink!

PJ: He may be a rebound, but what you feel is true.

PJ: Vanquish pityful Nora, because she doesn’t know you.

PJ: And not to get your hopes up, but I hope you realize

PJ: That he looks like a guy when he stares into your eyes.

So I combined my favorite topics in this conscientious blog post – infamous Pierre vs. New crush. Nora and PJ are figments of my imagination. I basically just gave names to the angel and devil on my shoulder. Thought it would be unique to have a female character as a devil, and the male as a devil. Oh well. 🙂 I like how this became a somewhat story/poem. No regrets. 



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