"Forever's an awfully long time."

We are us.

Does the title make sense?

I don’t think it does, and yet, once I typed those three words, I knew that it was perfect for this blog post.

It is simply because we are us.

Meeting someone you’ve always wanted to get to know is a gift. Realizing that the two of you are the same is a blessing. Becoming friends with this person is a miracle. Kind of half way falling for this person is a curse.

I experienced all four of these feelings. Hopefully I won’t fully go through with the next one.

You see, the thing with getting to know people is that you find out things that you never thought you’d ever know. You get to know their favorite color, favorite food, life style and daily routines. Minute details of their life become common knowledge to you two, and inside jokes are quickly formed. The beauty of it all is that, with the right person, getting to know someone doesn’t become a one-way thing. It becomes an open channel where you suddenly feel like bearing your soul to this person, to this simple person who suddenly became a light through the hazy mist of my college life; a lighthouse in the middle of the stormy sea.

And suddenly, this person becomes someone you can talk to. You suddenly feel like chatting with him every night on Facebook just to check in on him, or vent about your day.  In the current world, it’d be call ‘insta-friends’. All because of two hours in complete confidentiality, where we shared secrets and when he became more than a face I passed in the halls.

Sharing secrets like how we never fit in our own groups of friends. How we’d sometimes treat ourselves to dinner. How we’d like to just forget the world and reside in the library. Because, in your words, ‘We loners have to stick together.’

But I think that the most important thing we have in common is that we’re happy with our decisions in our lives. We may have made somewhat questionable choices in our lives regarding our social lives and in other aspects, but we’re happy about it. We wouldn’t want to change a thing.

Boy, we are us. And no one’s ever going to change us.

Here’s to us, being us. And here’s to us, hopefully being something more.

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