"Forever's an awfully long time."

Habada, Riri.

Last year, I remember promising you a happy birthday blog post, ala Kai and Yiyin. Sadly, WordPress was a bitch (sorry, WordPress) and I wasn’t able to post it. The least I could do for this birthday was to finally post it. 

ay2 ay3 ay4 ay5 ay6 ay7 ay8 ay9 ay10 ay11 ay12         aycontinuephotobombing


Okay, so I have NO IDEA what happened to WordPress. xD It’s been so long, and I would have LIKED to post them individually but I don’t even know what happened. D: 


You deserve happiness. You deserve to live for five thousand years and beyond, because life should be good to you. You deserve to have a boyfriend who looks like Jensen and Misha and Jared together, and has the striking finese of a panther, with features like Adonis and an aura that screams ‘sex’. You deserve all the books in the world, and you deserve great friends who love you and support you. (And your creative skills)

We’ve been friends for at least two years now, maybe even more, and I wish we’d be friends forever xD (Awww) You’re my online quiz taking buddy, my reading buddy, and my supportive buddy. I shall never forget you, and doncha ever forget that. xx 

Don’t stop singing, don’t stop being creative, and don’t stop joking those oh so funny jokes.


So anyways, happy birthday ririI can’t bold that enough. 

Wait. Happy 20th birthday Riri. You are now officially older than your mamots. 😀 Have fun today! I love you so much mwamwachupchupssssssssss. xoxo


Comments on: "Habada, Riri." (2)

  1. Ahahahaha thank you mamotsss!!!!! You’ve given me a cute nickname, Riri and I shall use it. I love you and love you I always will ahaha I can’t thank you enough… thank you. I appreciate you digging up this photos from yearssss ago. ahhaha

  2. *these photos pohh ahhah wrong grammar na hinuon ko ahaha kakahiya

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