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I Don’t Want To Be Your Second Girlfriend

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This is an extremely difficult realization for me, and it needs to be written about. You might never, ever see these words. But the fact that I am laying them down tonight, as I’m laying in my bed, this is what I need. And it’s good enough. Good enough that I can wake up tomorrow and walk all of the streets that I’ve walked with (or on my way to see) you. I can live my own life in a city that breathes you and also find a way to forget about you.

I have known you now for three years. I’ve weaved myself in and out of you, constantly fighting with myself, “he’s worth it”, “he’ll leave you”, “he could fall in love with me, I mean, really fall in love with me”, and “he’s just not the one.” I’m exhausted with whatever this is being so one sided…

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You hurt

I don’t want you to hurt

Make you feel down

I don’t want to watch from the sidelines;

Stand away from the crowd

Shut you out

You can’t make me do that 

Others would, but I wouldn’t

Unlike them, I genuinely care about you

And I need you to see that.

Just open your eyes. 


It’s been a while since I’ve written a poem. I feel better now. 

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