"Forever's an awfully long time."

Life, Certainly Unexpected

There are some times when I am just mesmerized by life; the times when I feel like everything is perfect, and just the way it should be. Today was one of those times.

Earlier, at 9:30 AM,  I was able to help bring a beautiful, healthy, 2.5 kilogram baby boy into the world. 

Words can’t explain how grateful I am to be a student nurse. Bringing lives into the world is one of my favorite experiences. Even though I’ve only aided in three deliveries, (Two normal ones and a Caesarean) I feel like these three have helped me realize how beautiful life is. 

And all three times, I’ve found myself getting a bit teary-eyed when I hear the little ‘waah! waah!’ that comes a few seconds after the baby comes out of the mother’s womb. It’s just amazing to me how life can come so quickly into the world but can be affected by so many things. 

Life. Four letters. Similar to love. These sentiments that enter into my mind when I’m caring for patients, handing instruments to doctors, or assisting in deliveries, makes me sensitive to the fact that sometimes we take a lot of things for granted. 

Life. It’s beautiful. Sometimes, we need to remember that. 

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