"Forever's an awfully long time."

Erika, Birthday Happy.

Okay it’s your birthday and I’m making this at 7:23 in the evening, and I’m realizing that I hate you because it has just sunk in that you deleted your Facebook and I will have an even harder time choosing pictures for this obligatory birthday post.


But don’t worry, Erika. I have found pictures. But if you’re not satisfied with the ones I found, well BOO-HOO. But I still love you, mmkaay? //inserts obligatory hearts here. I love that word. Obligatory.


So here are my birthday wishes for you, Kai. Oh, I had so much fun making this. I got to stalk, stalk, stalk and use my supposed detective skills.


I wish you happiness. That much is self-explanatory. Everyone deserves happiness, and with a job as Creative Director AND Associate Director, you just need to sit down and be, well, happy! πŸ˜€



I wish you love, love, love. I can tell that you’re really happy, and yeah. ❀ Lots of sappy stuff here. But you two look great together and I really hope that it lasts forever and ever and ever and all that crap. :>


Awwww we have a picture together, just us. I noticed you like road trips, so I wish you tons more. May the road take you wherever you want to go, and let it be a great ride. (ROAD TRIPS WITH FORWARD WOOOOOOOO) (The great ride was not a green joke. Nuh-uh.)



I wish you more vain moments with us? Because vain moments are fun? Because vain moments are bonding moments? Because we discover our inner beauty *cough cough* through vain moments.

Yay for vain moments!


I REALLY REALLY REALLY HOPE YOU DON’T FORGET US. Because *sob* even though *sob* you’re graduating *sob* I hope that *sob* we will still continue to *sob* have great bonding moments because *waaaaaaaah*



*Yay another RemiKa picture*

When it all comes down to it, I’m so glad you’re my friend. (Of 10 months. Happy belated monthsary, mwamwachupchuplove) Thanks for all the happy moments, all the girl time, the hugs, food, and moments spent in the middle of the street. (Which happened… like… last Friday) You are a beautiful, wonderful, sane (HAHA) person that I hope will not mind the fact that she’s already one year shy of singing Taylor Swift’s song, ’22’. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, ERIKA. ❀ Happy 21st Birthday (Couldn’t resist that) and many more blessed years to come.


Merry Christmas. πŸ˜› (Sorry for the lack of pictures <3)


Comments on: "Erika, Birthday Happy." (3)

  1. Here’s my obligatory ‘thank you’ comment;

    I cannot even… *sobs.
    Thank you kait, this made me actually look forward for my birthday (I was hoping for more praising like Erika is the most talented wonderful beautiful and all the adjectives…HAHA kidding) but this one is actually better than I hoped for :’)

    I hope to ride you..I mean ride on more people..I mean ride on more road trips with people with you. hahaha
    love2 kait, and you can always call me when you need girly time..even though..we’re not really girls. haha

    and thank you for supporting mi lovelife. this serves as your sure-invite to a wedding. HAHA

    love love kait, my events specialist, girlytime friend, t.swift crooning buddy, borrower and everything else. :**

    (yiii. mushy)

  2. awww, soo sweet. *sniffs and sobs and sobs

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