"Forever's an awfully long time."

Sweet Dreams, Dear


All I remember is being in your arms, hugging me. I never saw your face but I knew it was you. I know the warmth that spreads through me when you touch me, hug me, smile at me… The only person that actually has the power to make me feel so warm in a long, long time. I know your hands. Even though it was just a dream, I felt your hands, I felt that warmth. 

It was like that for a while. Snuggling. Cuddling. Hugging. I didn’t even say a word. The same went with you. I remember fitting so comfortably into your embrace. What I love about this the most? You were hugging me the best way possible; from the back.

I love you, I love you, so many words and thoughts were rushing through my head. Thank you, I’m so grateful, God blessed me with you. I remember not taking anymore, I turned around and suddenly, the warmth disappeared from my body. I ignored it though, and I just looked up at him.

I remember you laughing, and smiling at me in that way that always made me feel good about myself. I opened my mouth, but I couldn’t say anything. How could I put into words all the amazing, beautiful, wonderful feelings that I feel about you? How could I verbalize all of that? After just looking at him, with his beautiful eyes, his tousled hair and his slight grin, I leaned forward and I kissed him. 

That was when the dream ended.

(Picture credits to observando on tumblr) 


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