"Forever's an awfully long time."

I’m In Trouble.

I never ever realized how much trouble I was in.  You see, it was like one of those moments in movies where you’re watching the main character (who is most of the time, a girl) wandering around in this old abandoned house that has a serial killer or monster or ghost or something inside of it for sure and the scary music starts playing and you just want to scream at the stupid girl to get out of the house, but of course she can’t hear you, so she gets killed in the end. Or raped. Or kidnapped. Something like that.

It must have been like that for me. People must have been screaming at me to get out of it before it even happened, but I must have been deaf. I must have been blind. Handicapped for some reason. Because I never stopped walking towards this troubling thing. 

But now, I’m in it too deep. I’m addicted like a drug; I cannot stop. 

Here I am, and I’m in love. And I’m in so much trouble.


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