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Mag Binisaya Sa Ko Ha.

Pasensya jod kaayo akong mga followers and likers sa WordPress. Naa man gud koy assignment karon, unya kinahanglan ko ug inspiration para sa akong assignment. Para ma’release nako akong kahago karon, mag blog nalang ko sa akong dialect para makasugod na ko ug tarong sa akong assignment og para mahuman ni inig abot sa Biyernes. Unya sorry pud daan kung informal ra kaayo akong Bisaya dire, mausab jud ni kung kamao na gyud ko mag Bisaya nga kanang fluent na gyud ko sa akong Mother Tongue. Char.

Sige, unsa kaha akong topic karon? Ahhh kahibaw na ko. Sige lang kog balik-balik sa topic nga ‘gugma’ pero honestly lang jud noh, puol na gyud kaayo. Hehe. Pwede manglibak sa akong mga classmates? Joke.

Hahay, kinahanglan man ko mugawas ron uy. Dili nalang sa ko mag padayon sa akong gisuwat/gitype. Suwat sa ko. 🙂

Bye for now. 🙂


How on earth did you manage to find me

You beautiful, beautiful person

How did I manage to reach you

How did I manage to get you in my life?

Why am I so lucky

To have known you,

Become friends with you,

Fallen in love with you.

You’re my every kind of perfect

Like a star fallen from the sky



And yet,

Among anyone else I could have met in my life,

I found you when you fell down from heaven.

It’s a miracle that we met

A greater miracle that we became friends.

I watch you with so much admiration

I know my eyes glow with adoration

You and I know each other both so well

It’s just a shame that you have to be

Somebody else’s angel.


Why am I never enough?

Why is there always someone else

Who’s prettier


Everything you’ve always dreamed of

Why am I almost always never enough?

And when I am enough

Why does it never last?

Why does something always stand in my way?

What can he not see in me?

But what if the better question is…

What can I not see in myself?

On My Phobia

You can be scared of a lot of things.

You could be scared of failing. You could be scared of the unknown. Ghosts. Being alone. Falling in love. Death. Losing something. Losing someone. Forgetting. Hurt. You could be scared of that neighbor next door who looks like a combination of all the scary old people you see in horror films. Rejection. Your friends. Your enemies. Blood. The future. You.

You could be scared of anything in the world, and no matter what you say, all phobias are the same in the sense that they hinder you from your dreams. Even I have a phobia (or phobias…) which will hinder me from a brighter future. Leaving the ones I love behind. Becoming alone again. Going back to the past me, the past introverted me. What’s scary for me is that I have grown to love the me that I am now, I have grown to love the friends I have now, and what I have now, I cannot lose. 

I can never lose them.


Facade (Dated: February 3, 2011)

I could like and say I was over him already

Say that she’s butt ugly and isn’t worth one look

That I don’t care that they’re so in love

And he’s stuck on her like a fish on a hook.

I could smile, and watch them be together

I could fill your head with lies

Say that I’m happy when someone notices

The tears that are welling up in my eyes

I could deny that my heart is cracking

I could pretend I never saw

The way he looks at her like she’s perfection

How he overlooks her every flaw

I could keep quiet when I hear

That they are the best couple ever

I could laugh when they get teased

And shrug it off with a quick ‘whatever’

But no matter what happens, I can’t deny it hurts

Even if I’m feeling oh, so crappy

There’s really nothing I can do

Because in all reality, HE’S HAPPY. 😦

I’m Sorry (Dated September 22, 2010)

I’m sorry

I’m not your dream girl

I’m sorry

I’m not pretty

I’m sorry

That I feel this way

I’m sorry

I’m different

I’m sorry

Because I liked you

I’m sorry

I couldn’t like someone else

I’m sorry

You never noticed

I’m sorry

You could never see

And most of all, I’m sorry

That that girl couldn’t be me.

Lament (Dated September 1, 2010)

I’ve asked it before, I’ll ask it again

What does she have that I don’t?

I know I’m not perfect.

But is SHE perfect? Is she?

She may be perfect in your eyes

And I know that I can never make you love me…

It hurts.

I hate just watching your heart break

Whenever you see her with another guy.

Have you ever thought that

Maybe what you feel is what I feel?

And I don’t know I don’t have the right

To tell you not to keep looking at her

I can only stand on the side




While you suffer.

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